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Developed in Brazil, the CADIVEU Professional brand uses natural ingredients and innovative eco-friendly technologies to get the hair you've always wanted.
Regardless of whether you have thin hair, short hair, long curly hair, or any other style, CADIVEU Professional is a brand that gives you the effect you need. 

Like the art of a craftsman who spent a long time thinking and painstakingly crafted, Obra carefully selected only the rare ingredients We present a single safe and professional solution for all of us scalp, hair and skin concerns. Meet Obraman's total beauty brand, which is differentiated by its hypoallergenic ingredients and weak acid care. 

Hairbotox is a patented perm treatment system that minimizes hair damage during the procedure, and uses the "Systemax Technology" to protect polypeptide bonds and strengthen hair cohesion to enable softening and treatment effects at the same time.

As if it were a clinic, it fills in the vitality of the hair and enables shiny wave perm and magic straight procedures. 

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